We explore and understand the challenges you face, things you want to achieve and how we can help you. Your goals is what matters and we’ll make every effort for you to find the best way to achieve them.


Customers are our partners and we work as one team. We are committed to high ethical and professional standards as much as we are to human values.


Not at any cost, but we still strive to win – it’s an inspiration that leads us to taking on any activity. We distinguish short-term effects from long-term goals and are available any time you need us to be.


Our agency is named after a date. In 1323, in his letters to Pope John XXII and to the free cities of Europe grand duke Gediminas referred to Vilnius as the capital of Lithuania for the first time. We think it was one of Lithuania’s first successful international communication campaigns which lead the Grand Duchy of Lithuania towards Europe, although the public relations concept was unknown at the time.

We are a Vilnius-based communication agency. Strategic advice, reputation management and crisis communication are our strongest points. We are an experienced team with a history of communication projects for over 50 Lithuanian and international businesses and organisations. Our partners boast a more than 30-year track-record in the field of communication, public relations, public affairs and media.

Delivered projects: Energy and Finance

ITT & Start-ups

Pharmaceuticals & Industry

Public sector & Associations




Managing partner

Previously a journalist, I plan and lead communication projects in Lithuania and in the Baltics and offer advice to businesses and public organisations. I have dealt with communication and project management for more than 10 years.




I have worked in the field of corporate communication, public affairs and diplomacy for more than 20 years. I teach strategic political communication at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University and at ISM, and I have given presentations at communication conferences in Davos, Beijing and Shanghai. I have set up an international communication conference, Reputation Academy, and a few international start-ups.



Senior Project Manager

13 years of experience in media. I was deputy of editor-in- chief of magazine "Veidas" and temporary chief editor of this magazine. I wrote articles about many of the most important and influential personalities in Lithuania. One of my recent researches - experiment on the situation of Muslims in Lithuania was awarded by international movement for the high standards of journalism "Media4Change".


Aušra Pilkienė

Project Manager

I have worked in the fields of journalism and communication for more than 6 years. I have gained work experience in the news website LRT.lt, TV shows „Pinigų karta“, „Misija: Vilnija“ and communication agencies. I have a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Master degree in International Communication. I decided my interest in History to transform into experience – that was the reason why I became a tourism guide. Now I can introduce the charm of Vilnius to the tourists, my friends and partners.


Indrė Lelevičiūtė

Project Manager

I am a goal-oriented communications specialist. While working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the last 5 years I was responsible for the high level events taking place in Vilnius during the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of EU. I was also in charge of coordination and communication of bilateral relations between Lithuania and Western European countries. Previously I worked in the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, gained experience at LRT TV news service. I graduated from the Vilnius University Institute of International relations and political science, where I obtained both Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degrees. During my free time I attend jazz dance classes and I firmly believe that life is like jazz: you need to follow the rhythm, but never forget to improvise.



Project Manager

I’ve been specializing in the field of public relations for more than two years now with a special focus on a lifestyle communication. My previous experience also includes working in an International company from a consulting industry, where I had the opportunity to gain internal communication and event management skills. I hold a Master degree in Marketing and Integrated Communication from the Vilnius University and a Bachelor degree in Public Administration. Both in life and at work I am always seeking to stay honest and appreciate quality over quantity. Therefore I greatly appreciate simplicity and strongly believe that usually less is more. The best source of inspiration and wisdom for me is a good book – especially when it is a psychological one.


Giedrė Narbutaitė

I am multi-faceted personality, who fly in the wide meadows of communication. I have worked for seven years in the field of culture and education, organized educational projects for children and youth, worked as a lecturer. I have given experiences in Lithuania and foreign conferences, international seminars. I am interested in children’s literature and reading problems, andragogy, modern educational tools. I am participating in International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) activities.

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't said."






Reputation management & Strategic advice

Reputation management & Strategic advice

A glimpse from the outside and professional advice – sometimes it doesn’t take much to realise what should be done and how. At other times we carry out a comprehensive analysis, survey the stakeholders and make a research to find the right path of communication that leads you to success.

We design and help to launch management awareness and branding schemes, including the required practical training. Our team and partners will deliver individual or group-based training on media communication, public speaking, international communication in English or other required training to your door.

Corporate & Financial communication

Corporate & Financial communication

We’ll be your partners in the areas of your external or internal communication that you think should be improved: relations with the media, public authorities, investors, shareholders, employees, clients, partners or communities.

We’ll help you to develop and implement a social responsibility strategy, which will come as a competitive advantage to your company or organisation.

Crisis & Change communication

Crisis & Change communication

Even if you have a crisis management plan ready, an accident, an assault in the social environment, an important partner going bankrupt, resistance from a community or any other extreme incident will take you by surprise and will take a great deal of inner mobilisation. We will help you to keep a cool head, come up with messages and communicate them at the right time and in the right place.

You can count on our support and advice in the face of change. Once it is over, be it development or modernisation projects, mergers or acquisitions, your company will be understood and treated as a winner in the eyes of important audiences.

Media relations & Events

Media relations & Events

We promise prompt and professional assistance when it comes to communicating news, building contact with media channels and provide advice when you have to choose the most efficient method of dealing with things.

Teamed up with our reliable partners – lighting and sound specialists, projection developers, caterers and other professionals – we’ll arrange your conference, presentation or celebration which leaves just the right impression.

Start-up communication & Social Media

Start-up communication & Social Media

Speed, small budget and international audience – that’s what distinguishes the communication of start-ups from all the rest. With hands-on experience from how start-ups work, our team can give you valuable advice and will help you achieve the ultimate target awareness within the shortest possible time.

Social networks is one of the most efficient communication channels not only for start-ups but also for nearly every business or organisation. Social communication strongly affects the media and communication of today with a single Facebook message being able to ripple across the world with a crucial effect in seconds.


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Maltiečiai campaign #BeJūsųNebūtųMūsų

We‘ve started to cooperate with Maltos ordino pagalbos tarnyba (MOPT) organization and together we are doing a campaign called #BeJūsųNebūtųMūsų, that invites youth to show their respect and gratitude to elders around us.►►

Agency 1323_X-mas Greetings_EN

Happy Holidays!

The Christmas time is full of peace and joy. It‘s time when we get a lot of love and warmth from our beloved ones, so we could bravely step into the new year. We wish You creative ideas, determination, positivity and courage. See you in 2018!


Artūras Jonkus became the Associate Professor of Practice

This September “Agency 1323″ partner Artūras Jonkus became the Associate Professor of Practice in Vilnius university Faculty of Economics. Students of Master’s programme, together with him, will deepen their knowledge in Corporate Communication Management.


“Agency 1323″ – among the fastest growing communication agencies

The Association of Public Relations Agencies have published financial results of 2016. We are happy to announce, that “Agency 1323” doubled up and grew the fastest among Lithuanian communication agencies in terms of direct income. This rapid growth was determined by two reasons: strong team and attitude to work.►►

Impact awards 2017

„Agency 1323“ gained international success at „PR Impact Awards 2017“

„Agency 1323“ works have received international recognition at „PR Impact Awards 2017“. Following the publication of the best projects in the Baltic region, it turned out that two communication campaigns implemented by the agency were prize winners. Our projects won second place in the Event Communications category and third place in the category of Consistent Administration in Social Networks.






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