Agency 4th birthday with well known artist Julijonas Urbonas lecture

The fourth birthday of our Agency was celebrated together with our customers, friends and partners. To celebrate a successful year at work and the forthcoming 2019, we organized a nice party full of interesting talks, good music and pink candyfloss and invited everybody to a carousel!

As a part of the festive evening, there was presentation made by a world-famous artist Julijonas Urbonas who has been working in CERN centre. His works are based on the principle of gravitation energy.  Julijonas shared his exclusive experience and told that his childhood was spent in an amusement park and later he undertook the management of this park from his father, and eventually became a creator. The artist presented a model of one of his works Euthanasia Coaster. This unique art work has received much public attention and interest, and even inspired a movie and creation of community to help to implement this project.

Inspiring and positive speech of the artist was followed by music group TEKA which cheered everybody throughout the entire evening.

We are very grateful to a lot of people who help us growing and developing every year. All the birthday wishes received drive us forward and inspire for new ideas.