“Agency 1323” – among TOP 11 transparent and responsible agencies in Lithuania

The Association of Public Relations Agencies, after receiving the unbiased auditors‘ report, has published its decision and announced „Agency 1323“ to be among the TOP 11 high-standard agencies in Lithuania.

According to the system, agencies might be announced to be: Accountable agency, Transparent agency, Responsible agency, Social agency and Evolving agency.

“To tell you the truth, we participated in this system for the first time. And we are very happy to be one of the high-standard agencies in Lithuania. Responsible approach to our work is ordinary in our agency, we do it on a daily basis. But we really appreciate this recognition, especially when the association includes the best professionals of their field“, – says Rita Saunorytė Norutienė, „Agency 1323“ managing partner.

“The Standard programme gave an impetus for the entire market of communications and encouraged agencies to pay more attention to responsibility and transparency. The simplest and most visible aspect of it – agencies publish the names of their clients on their websites. Moreover, the Standard encourages companies to engage in socially-responsible activities, improve and grow the competencies of their team and, most importantly – improve the quality of their services“, says Kęstutis Gečas, The Association of Public Relations Agencies Chairman of the Board.

All players in the market (not just members of the association) are invited to participate in the Standard programme. By developing the this programme, it was expected to encourage agencies to act responsibly and at the same time to create a measure for customers when choosing agency of public relations.

The detailed version of the Standard, requirements and deadlines are provided in the website of the Association of Public Relations Agencies.

Association started its activities in 2009 and aimed to ensure high ethical and professional standards of the agencies as well as to improve its business environment in Lithuania. There are 13 agencies in the association. “Agency 1323“ became a member of the association in 2016.