„Agency 1323“ gained international success at „PR Impact Awards 2017“

„Agency 1323“ works have received international recognition at „PR Impact Awards 2017“. Following the publication of the best projects in the Baltic region, it turned out that two communication campaigns implemented by the agency were prize winners. Our projects won second place in the Event Communications category and third place in the category of Consistent Administration in Social Networks.

“It is amazing that we were noticed and evaluated. Excellent performance in the competition confirms, that our ideas and work quality can compete with the most experienced Lithuanian and Baltic companies”, – says Rita Saunorytė Norutienė, “Agency 1323” managing partner.

Campaign “Safe summer” won second place in the Event Communications category. Together with Lithuanian Life Insurance Companies Association implemented a campaign, which sought to draw attention to the safety of children. In 2016 this campaign involved more than 1800 kids from 85 Lithuania kindergardens. The little ones painted 1861 drawings. It was observed by Lithuania records indicating agency called “Factum”. All the works were exhibited in the final event, which were registered in Lithuania as the largest exhibition of children’s works.

Third place was won in the category of Consistent Administration in Social Networks. In March 2016 “Agency 1323” created a Facebook business profile for the company “Kietaviškių gausa”. After that, the agency carried out a needs analysis and have proposed measures which attracted more than 7000 followers in a year. The highest activity being of a group aged between 45-64 years.

“PR Impact Awards 2017” is an annual event, which took place for the fourth time. International jury was composed of 11 public relations professionals, who awarded the most valuable projects proposed by agencies.