Our agency has been rated of the highest market quality standard

The Association of Public Relations Agencies (PRAA) third time in a row has given us all 5 performance quality standard signs. “Agency1323“ is one of TOP8 transparent and high quality agencies in Lithuania.

Once per year the association provides quality certificates after receiving the unbiased auditors‘ report. According to the Standard system, agencies might get up to 5 certificate signs of Accountable agency, Transparent agency, Responsible agency, Social agency and Evolving agency.

“Communication is business of reputation. Only transparent and responsible agency can ensure qualitative services and suitable advice for their clients. Every day we are working trustworthy and responsibly and we are happy that our effort is appreciated“, – says Rita Saunorytė Norutienė, “Agency1323“ managing partner.

What do performance quality signs mean?

Certificate of Accountable agency is given for agencies that publish the financial statements of the agency and information about the number of employees.

Certificate of Transparent agency is given for publicly announced all the agency’s clients and absence of conflict of interest situations.

Certificate of Responsible agency means that agency acts responsibly against the public. One of the commitments – not to publish anonymous comments in the media and not to buy the services of companies or individuals providing such services.

Certificate of Social agency is for socially responsible agencies that provide “pro bono“ services, present their experience in different events and employ interns.

Certificate of Evolving agency means that agency constantly raises the professional qualifications of its staff and majority of employees participate in external trainings every year of at least 16 academic hours for each employee.

While creating a programme of quality standard, it was expected that it would encourage the agencies to act responsibly and the given signs will become a quality measure for customers when choosing a provider of public relations services.

Detailed version of the Standard, requirements for agencies and deadlines are available on The Association of public relation agencies in Lithuania website.