#AHAMOMENT: Akvilė on getting inspiration from quotes

Visual communication is all around us – but words are still an essential element of communication. After all, we need words to tell us what a visual is about.

Certain phrases in an advertisement can make people curious; the headline of an article is the cherry-on-top that makes people read the full text – and an intriguing social media post gives the reader a reason to find out more about a product, or about the person who wrote it. But how do you go about write interesting and involving texts? There are many ways, but this time I’d like to talk about finding writing inspiration from quotes. As we’ll see, quotes from well-known people can be a great help to writers, public relations specialists and advertisers alike.

How can quotes help?

Let’s say you have limited time to create a great text, but you have one big problem: you’re finding it impossible to concentrate because, like Homer Simpson, you have that dancing monkey going round in your head. You’ve written tens of headlines, but not a single one is nearly good as you’d like it to be. They just don’t have that thing. It’s at these moments that I look for inspiration from quotes. The chances are, someone else has already said something clever or witty or insightful about the subject I’m struggling with. Finding quotes on a subject also helps me to widen my horizons as a writer, and take a broader approach. That way, I can write texts that are more attractive to my readers.

I periodically have to write greetings, invitations and public speeches for various occasions –11 March, Easter, Christmas, birthdays and so on. Every time, I need to come up with something beautiful, sincere and meaningful – which isn’t a problem if you’re writing it for the first time, but what if you need to create, let’s say, six different Christmas greetings? (Needless to say, that’s exactly what happens every year!) Well, that’s where quotes come in handy. Whatever the occasion, there’s bound to be a timeless quote from a well-known person to provide inspiration. Better still, using a quotation from a wise or famous person lets you take advantage of their authority – and also gives you the chance to show off your own literacy!

There’s a third type of situation in which quotes have saved my ass countless times – and that’s when I need to write social media pages or website descriptions. Here, it’s particularly important to write clearly and concisely about whatever organization, company or product you’re describing. For example, if you’re writing about handmade accessories, you need to talk not only about the product but also what it offers the buyer. Look for quotes about beauty or loving yourself, and you’re sure to find the inspiration to create a great description for the product.


So that’s why I always look for quotes on various websites. I also keep loads of photos of quotes on my phone – and when I’m reading a book, I always have a pencil at hand in case the perfect quote pops up. As the composer Piotr Tchaikovsky once said, “Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” With a little bit of work along the way, the quotes you collect can be a great help in the future.