#AHAmoment: Arturas on corporate communication and customer service

Until recently, customer experience management wasn’t regarded as an integral part of corporate communications. But the popularity of social networks, and the increasing engagement of businesses with social media, has prompted consumers to start using social networks to communicate directly with brands.

In this way, customer service conversations that used to take the form of a private ‘tête-à-tête’, have now become a public communication.

In many cases, a customer will use social networks to contact a brand about an experience that wasn’t the best. Negative customer experiences of this kind are one of the most common negative themes in brand communication on social networks. And if the customer making the complaint is an active social media user with many followers, their negative comments can do real damage to the brand concerned. This is why a company’s system of customer experience management needs to cover public communications, too. If a company isn‘t yet communicating via social media, but plans to do so, it must first fix its customer service. If not, then negative customer experiences will spread across social networks.