Stay at home and 🚫👑🦠

You may love them (❤️), you may hate them (💔), but I bet you have used them at least once. Maybe there was even a situation when you used them instead of a birthday greeting 🍰🎁🎉 or ending an unpleasant conversation simple with 👍?

Emojis – recognized by some as a separate language, for others, a tool to diversify the text. What benefits do emoji bring to the world? And what are the benefits to the world from them?

Although emojis are considered to have been created in the year 1999, however, it was not until 2011-2013 that it became possible to incorporate them into a single keyboard with categories, as we have now. Creating this keyboard is considered to be one of the result of success for emoji. More people started using heart emoji ❤️ instead of saying “I love you” or instead of „funny“ – 😂, by the way, the latter in 2015 was recognized by Oxford University Press as the word of the year 😱 !

Visually, emojis are constantly changing. Depending on the platform, over time they become more aesthetic, with some additional modifications such as hair, skin color, gender, etc. Each time updating communication platforms, a whole new set of emoji is added. Another 117 new emoji are expected to reach us in the second half of 2020, which will be added to the current 3178 (for comparison, in 2010 we only had 625 emoji).

These small visual icons, that can be found on every communication platform, usually helps to express emotions when the interlocutors do not see each other, explain the context of the conversation or even help contribute to supporting campaigns.

In march due to COVID-19 announcing quarantine in most parts of the world, on the internet can be seen as a particularly rapid increase in emoji such as 🦠😷🤧🤢🧼🤕🚑💊💉🧽 usage tendencies. That‘s how people started quarantine support campaigns on social networks, protecting itself against 👑🦠 (in most countries crownsounds similar to ‘corona’ therefore, this emoji combination corresponds to coronavirus).

Emoticons, face with med. mask, germ, and face with a head bandage

Internet users, promoting people awareness to take care of themselves and others during quarantine, developed combinations of emojis that recall the most important recommendations for the prevention of the virus, for example.: 🧼👏 or 🧼👐💦 – wash your hands often, 🚫🤦‍♀️ – do not touch the face, ✅🤧💪 – sneeze into your elbow, 🚫🤝 – do not greet others by shaking hands, 🙆‍♂️🏠 – stay at home.

Emojipedia.org, Wikipedia type site is dedicated to emoji only, also publishes other lists of emojis that can be used for a variety of occasions: birthday or holidays and annual celebrations, commemorations, support campaigns, seasons, etc.

So this spring, although it is a little different, let’s just stay at home and help to stop the virus from spreading, or in other words: 🌱🌞🐝🙆‍♂️🏠🚫👑🦠.