So… the first weekend of quarantine is over. Now comes the first full week. And it begins with more questions than answers. That magic ‘black ball’ that gives answers to specific questions won’t help here, either.

Everyone is talking about bats, military weapons, pension reforms. Some look to the Chinese for answers, others to America… and the mum on the radio call-in claims sources say Israel is to blame. After all, they were accused of the 9/11 attacks in the United States. Theories. Normally, we think, ask questions, seek answers. We don’t like just not knowing.

On Sunday evening, I’m sure a number of communications professionals were thinking about how to shape their communication plans. Will those plans even be needed? And what can you do to make yourself heard amid the stream of information about the COVID-19 pandemic? Fellow journalists – what percentage of information published relates to the virus? Then you can calculate the likelihood of getting into the media. This is certainly not a reproach, but the reality we already face, will continue to face, must accept, and eventually overcome.

Today, tomorrow, the day after… most of us will be working from home. So let’s not be surprised to hear in the background fights, or maybe kids playing the piano. And we won’t just be looking for a phone charger in the evening, but during the daytime too – and hopefully we won’t lose our connection and the internet won’t go away, because then the virus really will become a military weapon.

Will things become more complicated? I think so. Will they be different? They’re different already. As always (even from home), the morning begins with reading emails. I was surprised. Greetings, ‘beautiful days’ and other, often meaningless, formalities have simply disappeared from letters. Now it’s: “Let’s keep it up”, “Don‘t get sick”, “Stay healthy”.

So, colleagues: let’s all keep it up, not get sick and stay healthy. Then we’ll find the answers, solutions, and new scenarios we’re looking for.

And now, who is going to have a virtual lunch with me today?