Who got the most likes on Instagram last year? Influencers’ faces are probably the first ones that come to mind. Perhaps actors, world-famous performers.

It’s hardly surprising – in 2018, Kylie Jenner’s image of her newborn baby attracted 19 million likes, and was the most popular picture of the year. But that’s a trifle compared to the more than 52 million likes gained in 2019… by a picture of an egg.

Chris Godfrey on the challenge of bettering Kylie’s record, and on 4 January 2019, Eugene was born  – an egg that quickly gained attention worldwide.

Could it be that this post got so much attention because we were getting tired of information overload? Negative news? Excessively positive news? Influencer wars?

According to the author himself, it was no accident that he chose an egg– it has no gender, race, or religious beliefs.

It later turned out to be part of a campaign by a mental health organisation. A month later, on 4 February, the egg exploded due to pressure from the social media. Throughout the year, users continued to follow both the ups and downs in the egg’s journey  – a rather unusual picture, right? After all, on social media, we usually only see the highlights of people’s lives  – the glamorous holidays,  ideal jobs, perfect relationships – and it seems like everything is wonderful.

Paradoxically, it took a fictional character to show us what real life was like.

We look forward to seeing what 2020 brings! 💥