Brave experiment received an award

Our agency‘s project manager Giedrė Buivydienė and weekly newspaper‘s “Veidas” journalist Jurgita Laurinėnaitė-Šimelevičienė received an international  “Media4Change” award for social journalistic experiment about human rights. For their experiment Giedrė and Jurgita decided to live like a Muslim women and feel what they have to live through in Lithuania. They, dressed up as Muslim ladies, tried to find a job and rent a flat, visited market, shopping centers, used public institutions’ services.

The research revealed, why many women, especially Lithuanians, who converted to Islam, are afraid to publicly dress in traditional Muslim outfits, but also to cover their hair, pray five times a day, follow Ramadan and other rules of Koran. Lithuanian women frequently hide the fact about their changed religion even from closest people.

In news media published experiment received a lot of attention from society. Authoritative jury of contest “Media4Change” decided to give the award to authors for highest standards in journalism.