Children‘s drawings inspired an idea for our Christmas presents

After creating a warm friendship with Varėna children center „Versmė“ we wanted to encourage kids creativity, so we invited them to draw their dreams hike.

Director of the day center Astutė Žmuidinavičienė says that kids enjoyed the task and immediately started working on it.

“It’s nice that kids were asked to show their talent and to portray their imagined trip to nature on paper. This task united them and inspired to use their imagination. It can be seen from the drawings that hiking for children is inherent from the group of together traveling friends, careless chats, backpacks on shoulders and flourishing nature”,  A. Žmuidinavičienė tells.

vaikų piešiniai (002)

Little painters were full of inspiration, so while visiting the center our agency Director Rita Saunorytė Norutienė was given plenty of drawings.

Kids’ works became our agency’s source of inspiration for this years Christmas gifts. Some drawings were moved into a greeting card, and kids’ enthusiasm while drawing lead to “Agency 1323” team inviting friends of the agency to the hike in the woods.

Let’s be attentive and considerate of each other!