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Migle Savickaite apie komunikacija


We meet people, chat with them, exchange contacts – in the past, it was usual to ask for their phone number. Nowadays, whether the encounter is official or unofficial, what do we exchange? Facebook contacts. “I’ll text you on Messenger” is a common way to say goodbye after meeting someone.



Technologies are changing the information channels we use – and the way we use them. Following the worldwide popularity of online audio formats, for example, Lithuanian news portal has introduced its own audio platform, “Listen”. The popularity of its podcasts has shot up.


#AHAmoment: Arturas on corporate communication and customer service

Until recently, customer experience management wasn’t regarded as an integral part of corporate communications. But the popularity of social networks, and the increasing engagement of businesses with social media, has prompted consumers to start using social networks to communicate directly with brands.


#AHAmoment: Ulijona on messages on the body

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, and their popularity now is greater than ever. But they still arouse negative opinions in certain quarters – and in some places, it’s even forbidden to show them in public.