Artūras Jonkus became the Associate Professor of Practice

This September “Agency 1323” partner Artūras Jonkus became the Associate Professor of Practice in Vilnius university Faculty of Economics. Students of Master’s programme, together with him, will deepen their knowledge in Corporate Communication Management.

“Agency 1323” – among the fastest growing communication agencies

The Association of Public Relations Agencies have published financial results of 2016. We are happy to announce, that “Agency 1323” doubled up and grew the fastest among Lithuanian communication agencies in terms of direct income. This rapid growth was determined by two reasons: strong team and attitude to work.


„Agency 1323“ gained international success at „PR Impact Awards 2017“

„Agency 1323“ works have received international recognition at „PR Impact Awards 2017“. Following the publication of the best projects in the Baltic region, it turned out that two communication campaigns implemented by the agency were prize winners. Our projects won second place in the Event Communications category and third place in the category of Consistent Administration in Social Networks.


Brave experiment received an award

Our agency‘s project manager Giedrė Buivydienė and weekly newspaper‘s “Veidas” journalist Jurgita Laurinėnaitė-Šimelevičienė received an international  “Media4Change” award for social journalistic experiment about human rights. For their experiment Giedrė and Jurgita decided to live like a Muslim women and feel what they have to live through in Lithuania. They, dressed up as Muslim ladies, tried to find a job and rent a flat, visited market, shopping centers, used public institutions’ services.



The journalistic experiment on human rights carried out by Giedrė Buivydienė, Agency’s Project Manager, together with Jurgita Laurinėnaitė-Šimelevičienė, Journalist of Lithuanian weekly “Veidas”, has been awarded by the international movement for the highest standards in journalism “Media4Change”. 



Money cannot save from boredom and senselessness” has been said by the historian Prof. Egidijus Aleksandravičius during the discussion on philanthropy and charity.


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