Agency’s partner A. Jonkus shares his insights on reputation management in T. Langham new book

We are starting 2019 with great news – Tony Langham, public relations specialist, co-founder and Chief Executive of reputation management consultancy Lansons just released a new book “Reputation management. The future of corporate communications and public relations“. Agency’s partner Artūras Jonkus, who presented one of the 39 case studies on the book, participated in the book’s release event in London.


Letters of Gediminas, the first communication campaign of Lithuania, turn 696

In 1323 the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas wrote a letter inviting craftsmen, merchants, knights and farmers from the Western countries to come to Lithuania. The name of Vilnius was mentioned for the first time ever, and therefore the date of this letter is considered to be the birthday of Vilnius. Nevertheless, introduction of Vilnius was not the main aim of Gediminas’s letter. What did the ruler of Lithuania actually want to achieve? Could we call these letters the first international communication campaign of Lithuania and if so, was it successful?


We participated in International Communications Forum

“Agency 1323” partner Artūras Jonkus went to Lodz, Poland, where was International Communications Forum “Communication on top 2016” held. Here he talked on topic “When is the Crowd ready to engage?”. More information about the Forum you can find in here.

We made a beautiful friendship with “Klaipėdos Smeltė”

While taming the wind and preparing for the opening of Estacada in Nemunas street, we made a beautiful friendship with employees of company “Klaipėdos Smeltė”. For this occasion, a small sweet gift from our agency reached company’s CEO Rimantas Juška. We want to thank to our friends in the port city! If you want to know more about our team’s implemented project in “Klaipėdos Smeltė” territory, you can read about it here.

To Global SOF Symposium in Vilnius gathered defence experts

First time outside of USA, in Vilnius, Global SOF Symposium was held, in which many guests from various countries came. Among the guests also was United States House of Representatives member, Veterans Affairs Committee chairperson Jeff Miller and other high ranking officials, politicians, experts and journalists. This Symposium gathered defence specialists from all over the world. Guns, military equipment, special forces and defence experts from all over the world – it was one more successfully conquered challenge for our team.

For more information about the project, click here.