8000 candles to commemorate people, who died from cancer

From Cathedral squire until Seimas (about 2 km), people light 8000 candles to commemorate those, who died from cancer. It was a social activity “Be examined=live!”, which was held with Lithuanian life insurance companies association and their partners – Help for cancer patients association. Every year 8000 people die from cancer in Lithuania, so every candle symbolized these lost lives. To light candles came former president Valdas Adamkus, who beat cancer himself. The event spread widely in news media. This activity’s message to society was that cancer is a disease, who can touch everybody. That is why we cannot be indifferent – we must take care of our health. By inviting passers-by to light a candle volunteers reminded about the importance of cancer prevention. If cancer is detected early, 80% of patients can be cured. We took care of not just communication, but also implementation of the activity.