“Callcredit” rebranding

On July, 2017 together with the United Kingdom’s consumer data management company “Callcredit”, we helped to spread the news about the company‘s rebranding. In the aim to introduce the new company’s name, logo and corporate style, together with the client we decided to plant British beech trees in Kaunas city. Beech is one of the most popular trees in United Kingdom, which previously has been planted by the duke of Edinburgh prince Phillip during the Royal family visit in Lithuania. This time the beech trees were planted by “Callcredit“ Kaunas Country Manager Dainius Aksinavičius together with Kaunas City Mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis and UK Deputy Head of Mission Martyn Cushing. The small but cosy rebranding ceremony got attention in Kaunas city and national media. Our agency also coordinated and implemented the renewal of “Callcredit” visual representation in social media: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.