Our client Lietuvos Draudimas asked us to carry out communications for its social responsibility campaign, ‘I Can Help 2019’, which organized free first aid training in 15 cities of the country, led by the Lithuanian Red Cross. During the campaign, we cooperated successfully with regional media. In every region, journalists shared news via their portals or newspapers and social networks, as well as coming to participate in the training sessions. They discussed the importance of citizens being able to provide first aid, and publicized the training sessions taking place locally. We also worked separately with Facebook groups local to each city, sharing the message with the target audience of the importance of first aid skills, highlighting the fact that Lietuvos Draudimas was offering such training. After the training sessions, a final event was held in which Lithuanian influencers were invited to participate. They spread the message to their followers about the importance of being able to provide first aid at any time in life. Later, on the Facebook page of Lietuvos Draudimas, short videos appeared featuring each of the famous people who participated in the session, offering tips and explaining why first aid skills can save lives.