Together with our client Lietuvos Draudimas, we created and implemented a social experiment for its annual campaign ‘Protect Me 2019’. The aim of the 20th annual campaign was to draw attention to the safety of children on the roads, and in the experiment, we sought to show how much each of us takes responsibility for a child behaving dangerously nearby.
In the experiment, an older boy (an actor) tried to drag a younger girl (also acting) across the street while the pedestrian crossing light was red. The experiment was conducted over a 10-hour period. Everything was filmed using hidden cameras.
It turned out that 9 out of 10 adults who saw such dangerous behavior from the children made attempt to intervene and prevent the disaster. The news appeared on all major Lithuanian media portals, television, regional media and social networks. Throughout September, an abbreviated version of the video from the experiment was shown on Vilnius public transport and on outdoor screens.