Second year in a row we have got a certificate of transparent and responsible agency

The Association of Public Relations Agencies (PRAA) second time in a row has recognized „Agency 1323“ as one of TOP 10 transparent and responsible agencies in Lithuania.

PRAA standard is made up of 5 quality signs: Accountable agency, Transparent agency, Responsible agency, Social agency and Evolving agency. The Association of Public Relations Agencies, after receiving the unbiased auditors‘ report, has published its decision and announced „Agency 1323“ to get all of them.

„PRAA certificate is an evidence that we are professionals in our sphere and provide public relations services of a highest quality. We always keep strict to ethical standards, work transparently and responsibly. This assessment motivates us to improve and always move on, herewith it is a guarantee for our clients to get only professional services”, – says Rita Saunorytė Norutienė, „Agency 1323“ managing partner.

All players in the market (not just members of the association) can participate in the Standard programme.

14 members of the association, including “Agency 1323” are attributed to the strongest agencies of public relations in Lithuania and work according to PRAA Operating Standard, which provides a duty to comply obligations related to ethics, transparency and professionalism.

Detailed version of the Standard, requirements for agencies and deadlines are available on The Association of public relation agencies in Lithuania website.