We are starting cooperation with “Western Union Lithuania”

We have signed contract and started to co-operate with the world’s leading provider of digital and retail payment services Western Union Lithuania. We have won a communication services competition organised by Western Union Lithuania.

As said by Ilona Lekavičiūtė, Head of Communication and Administration of Western Union Processing Lithuania:

“We are not a traditional services centre – the nature of our work has changed in the last eight years. From just providing the usual maintenance and administration services, our working field has expanded to other areas such as electronical business development, data and pricing analysis, audit, process management, marketing, compliance with legal requirements. Lithuanian-made products now are being used by customers all over the world. We hope that this leap in quality is going to reflect in communication as well.

Western Union Lithuania have taken a few significant steps in the past couple of years: set up a customer experience centre, where employees can try and improve services provided in different countries, set up a mastery centre, to help automatise processes with use of robotisation. Moreover, a customer service unit was opened at the end of 2017.

Western Union” is one of the biggest and fastest growing international companies in Lithuania. The company has over 2000 employees in Vilnius – it is the biggest Western Union unit in the world, having a significant impact on strategic goals’ accomplishment. The company is one of the most desired employers in Lithuania. They have been awarded multiple times for social awareness projects.

We are glad to have this new opportunity and to be a part of the Western Union success story in Lithuania, says Artūras Jonkus, Partner of the agency.