Our team member G. Narbutaitė has created a board game about Vilnius

Our team member – Giedrė Narbutaitė – has created an educational board game „Pasižvalgymai po Vilnių“ („Exploring Vilnius“) and it has been recently published by the Vilnius County Adomas Mickevičius Public Library.„The game is the best way to teach kids and youngsters about the history of Vilnius. This board game consists of more than 1000 words related to the history and the culture of the city. During the game, participants have to explain the object to other players and they have to recognize it as soon as possible“, – says Giedrė.

During the creation process history books and the publications about the city was the main inspiration sources to the authors of the game – G. Narbutaitė and Justina Juciūtė.