Uniting to tackle crises

During the festive period this year, we worked with Vilnius Women’s Home crisis center, contributing to their support initiative “Laimingi mūsų namai” (“Our Happy Home”).

The goal of the initiative is to create changes that will help people in Lithuania to feel happy and safe. It encourages victims of violence to have the courage and self-confidence to seek help from the community and the state.

“It’s wonderful to celebrate the year’s greatest festivities in a better and safer Lithuania. With just a little work from each of us, together we can contribute to a happier society,” says Rita Saunorytė Norutienė, managing partner at Agency 1323.

More than 40 Lithuanian artists volunteered to contribute to the project “Our Happy Home” by creating electronic greetings cards. The funds received from these cards are used to support the activities of the Vilnius Women’s Home crisis center.