We’ve earned a quality standard certificate for another year!

Once again, Agency 1323 has earned a quality standard certificate based on the findings of independent auditors – and for another year, we rank among the top 8 public relations agencies in Lithuania.

Like all agencies affiliated to the Association of Public Relations Agencies, each year we are assessed for a certificate of service quality covering five areas: accountability, transparency, public and social responsibility, and our commitment to staff development.

“We create value for our clients by adhering to the highest standards in the market and the best practices in international public relations. Every year we learn, improve and work responsibly – these have always been the core values of our agency, to which the entire team adheres,” says Rita Saunorytė Norutienė, Managing Partner of the agency.

The quality-of-service certificates granted by the Association guarantee that our agency operates transparently, provides quality services, and help clients to choose a reliable and committed market communication partner.

Under this standard, we officially publish our financial statements and employee information, and list all our current and former clients. We apply measures to promote youth employment following in accordance with the principles of social responsibility established by the quality standard and the Association.

A full version of the quality standard, together with requirements for agencies and deadlines are available on the web page of the Association of Public Relations Agencies .